by Jason P. Smith
One Future? I cannot and will not accept this view of our lives on this Earth plain, it does not make sense as regards our soul development and learning our lessons for the reasons I will mention.
Some spiritual people might well say, we are incarnated with our life mapped out for us before we even step foot on our little planet, well if this is so then it makes no logical sense to me. Why would for example a soul map out a life for it's physical body as a murderer? a bloodthirsty individual who ended many other individuals lives very abruptly and before time maybe...... why would a soul choose to incarnate in order to build up, maybe, ten lifetimes of bad karma? something for which they must return many times over to repay, this would seem to me not to be developing the soul in any shape of form, to the contrary it would hold back the souls development and may even turn back it's evolution if this is indeed possible. It would make no sense to me that a soul would enter a lifetime with it's purpose being to build up massive karmic debts.
So what else is there? is the idea of us planning our futures before our physical birth incorrect? Well my hypothesis would say that we do indeed map out our futures, although not one future, not one path with a clear route and outcome, but many different futures and scenarios depending on what I will call 'crucial life decisions', these major turning points would in essence change our lives, maybe for good, maybe bad, but they would steer us on a different course and give us many different possible outcomes. This is what I believe, I could be wrong, but not very often LOL!!
There are people who claim they can see the future, I certainly do not doubt this and I personally believe this to be very true. So what are these people seeing? are they actually seeing the real future? how could they if my hypothesis is correct? Well I believe what clairvoyants see are the most probable future at the time of viewing, at the time of the clairvoyants sight, if the current players in this future were to stay in that specific path then what had been seen would indeed become reality. The probability then is that this foreseen future will come to pass although it is I believe possible to change your path and to redirect your future.
If the 'one future' thinking is correct then we would have no real control over our lives on this plain, this doesn't sit well with me at all. The greatest gift the human race was given was free will, free will to do good or bad as they desire....... we would not be human without it and most importantly we would not learn without it. Without free will and our 'crucial life decisions', reincarnation simple doesn't make sense. I mean what would be the point of incarnating knowing that we were not going to evolve spiritually. I cannot imagine a group of souls in the spirit world deciding on a horrific life of slaughter and persecution of others and thus building up massive karmic debts, what would be the point of this? No soul surly would hurt itself by turning back it's development in this way. I see the souls purpose as using the physical body as a way of learning lessons and thus progressing, up to a point where the soul needs no longer to exist within the restraints of a physical body.
Most clairvoyants do indeed seem very accurate and quite infallible, this would seem to prove the existence of the 'one life mapped out' rule. I would disagree. For this reason, ok so the future the clairvoyant sees is indeed the most probable, so it already at the time is the future of preference, of choice, whether consciously or unconsciously known, for all concerned. The reason I think the publicised prophets and clairvoyants are generally correct is simply because people believe their reading to be true, they believe the future to be as it was told. Yes if people believe something to be destiny then it *will* come to pass. So not only is the clairvoyant seeing the future but they are also pulling this possible future in to the readers heads, who are in turn either consciously or unconsciously influencing the future. What we will will be. If people believe this is the future, the only future, then it will be so. The more respected the clairvoyant, the more likely people are to believe and thus the more likely the future will be just as had been predicted. We make our own futures, if we didn't then there would be no point to life. Don't give up on life, it is in your hands and it will be as you desire it. Only you in your life control your destiny!

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