Valarie was born the sixth of seven children in a small town north of Wyoming (about 24 miles from the border of Colorado and 200 miles from Sweetwater County where there have been a great deal of ‘animal mutilation’ incidents). As a child their family home was on the edge of town, just above their house was a huge hill on which they spent a lot of time playing as children, on the other side of the hill was a large crater, the children understood that this crater was where ‘the aliens crashed a spaceship’... although she never remembers anyone telling her this, vivid imagination? probably. As children they slept outside all summer, which is why to this day that Valarie loves camping out and being close to nature.
Due to her strict Catholic upbringing Valarie decided that she would not marry a non Catholic. Her husband had no religion when they met and he agreed to become a Catholic. Together they raised five children very strictly Catholic. About a year and a half ago she started feeling that the church was in business for themselves, a big turn around from being a strict Catholic, she felt that the priests were all having ‘mental problems’ and were taking off extreme amounts of money for vacations and rehabilitation and sees them as having in her words ‘visions of grandeur’. Valarie has all but stopped going to mass and she feels no guilt at all, it is almost as if someone has subconsciously told her that it is ok to quit religion, but on the other hand she has never lost her faith in god, her spirituality is still in tact and probably stronger than ever.
Valarie has no unusual childhood memories, only when Valarie moved from their family home did she experience certain strange occurrences. Valarie has never been particularly interested in the u.f.o./alien subject, she rarely watches any u.f.o. related programs and has only ever read one book on the subject called Communion.
Valarie and her husband have had five children, she doesn’t think that any of her children have had any u.f.o./alien encounters, or have discovered any strange lumps, although she had never asked them or checked.
Valarie hasn’t told many people of her experiences as she feels it could damage her reputation and business, as her profession relies on her having excellent judgment.


Strange recollections/happenings.

Around 1986 Valarie found she had a hole in her right eardrum, something which had seemingly appeared overnight, she had never had any previous problems with her ears. In 1992 she visited a doctor in Ft. Collins, she has had two operations on her eardrums, the first graft lasted one year and the second lasted four years. She now has only 50% hearing in her right ear.
Once in the middle of the night Valarie had gotten up to use the bathroom, on her way back to bed she heard a noise behind her. The next recollection she has is of waking up after having been sleeping on the floor.
Valarie has two cats, often in the evenings the cats seem to be able to sense something that she or her husband cannot see, they get a strange look and seem to stare as if they are watching something.
A couple of years back Valarie sat upright in bed, in terror, screaming "help me! help me!", she was hitting her husband hard with clinched fists (it must be mentioned that Valarie’s husband is a very light sleeper, the slightest sound would normally wake him) although he never woke. At the foot of the bed was a very small person about 3’ tall wearing what she describes as a ‘monks habit’ (a hood that came to a peak) although she never saw a face. She then fell back to sleep as if nothing had happened and did not recall this event until several days later.
Valarie had been married for a couple of years, the year was 1970, after trying for a while to have a child, she visited the doctors to confirm she was in fact, finally pregnant, this would have been her first child. One week later Valarie began to bleed, she informed the doctor who told her to get in to hospital immediately because she was four to five months pregnant. After arriving at the hospital she found there was no baby!, only what is left after having a baby. She never questioned this incident until much later.



Ever since Valarie can remember she has had a small lump in the middle of her thigh on her right leg, the lump is now fairly flat however.
In about 1991, the lump on Valarie’s leg seemed to have been replaced by a small lump on her right upper arm, about 1/4 of an inch wide, the lump twice looked like it had been ‘sliced’ although there was no blood or scab at any time. Her husband has a lump in exactly the same place, his lump however has only developed relatively recently.



Valarie states that she is constantly exposed to diseases, she comes in contact with many different people through her profession. She says her immune system is very good, although she does catch diseases she is usually totally cured by the following day. She feels that ‘they’ are taking care of her via some kind of immunization.
Valarie believes the reason she cannot recall anything else regarding her ‘possible’ abductions is because of the fear she has show on certain occasions, she believes when she overcomes the fear of what is happening to her then she will remember and understand what is happening to her.



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