I looked out of the window, there was a red, orange and blue light everywhere.

The next thing I remember was my head back on the pillow. There was blue and white light in the bedroom, it wasn't coming from anywhere, it was just in room.  The white light seemed to be shining through the blue light.

There were four people in my room, they had 'teardrop' shaped eyes with no mouth or nose, and were a blue/white (light) colour.  Some of the people were tall while some were short.

Inside the Craft

I was in a dome made of shiny plastic like metal with no edges, there was nothing at the side of the room, just empty space.  The floor looked like glass.

The beings travelled up and down to and from the room.

Inside the room there were red and blue lights.  There were two chairs on small poles situated at either end of table (bed) with a 'control panel' attached to each chair.  The controls seemed to elevate my pain throughout the examination.

One being that I 'knew', was tall, had long arms with a small mouth, had fingers, toes and a body.  The beings didn't talk with their mouths, but instead they used telepathy.

There were human people who lived with these beings.


I was laying on my back, 'stuck' to the table, not a bed but like a bunk with no padding.

A metal like plastic band was placed right around my head, I couldn't move my head, the beings turned something and the band got tighter, they loosened the band and thought I could get up and move but I couldn't!  Then they tightened it up again and I thought they were playing with me.

They were taking data on my reactions as they operated.

A 'women' covered me with a plasticy thing, a sheet.

The beings put their hands over my body in order to see through it.

I couldn't see what was happening, all I could see was white light.

The beings looked down my throat.

They placed a black hood over my face and through that were able to read my mind.

They were trying to put something in my neck but a ET kept saying "this is not a good area!".

A little ET, held my hand throughout the operation and would say "it's ok".

My Son

They looked up his nose, in his ears and at his eyes.

Edward was talking to the beings, giving them information in the form of symbols, not words.

I was told:
They were tagging him.
They won't take him all the time.


They used their fingers instead of knives.

On my neck they used a long thin needle with what looked like a microchip (square) on the end.

On my stomach they used a big silver heavy instrument with a handle on.

A big metal silver bar vibrated a sound causing me not a feel anything.


The object they inserted was like a piece of gristle, they used a certain arm because the veins didn't show on it.

The 'implant' was a like a beeper with no noise, instead it gave out a vibration so they could locate me.

Reasons for abduction

They want to learn.

They took one baby from me that was tiny.  Mankind is in trouble, their children (cross breeds?) will help us.

The human bodies vibration is changing, they are watching the change in our molecular structure, our DNA. They are monitoring these changes.

ET Information

They come from three planets behind our moon.

Things are changing in the Universe, they are looking at many countries and civilisations and monitoring certain people for 'messages'.

White beings take 'spiritual' people while the darker being 'snatch' people.  Dark beings take vulnerable people, with 'no boundaries'.

Two out of five people have been tagged and all have consented to this.

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