Ancient Crystals

Olive green/purple
Provides access to past lives.

Emerald green
Stimulates the memory of past lives.

Etched Quartz Crystal
Clear with 
abrasions on outer crystal
Facilitates contact and transfer of information from Ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria.

Used in ancient healing temples. Meditation crystal.

Fossil (Ammonite)
Fossilized creature in stone
Said to enhance telepathic communication between now and prior worlds/other current worlds.

Oriental Jade
Light green/white
Allows one to access the basic rituals and knowledge used by the Myans.

tubular column
To access past and probable (at the time) future lives - during meditation rub the crystal with finger to bring about visual images of previous or future life.

Strawberry Quartz
Pink with black lines
Used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies, used by the most spiritual.

Past life recall.

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