Jason & Jilly PLR


with Past Life Therapist Jill Mayer

You were the brother older by about 2 minutes, you looked out for me from day 1. When I had a sniffle so did you. Our parents spent all the time in the world with us although our mom was very selfish and self centered. Our dad was caring and loving and just loved us both. At the age of 8 yrs old our mom wanted you to learn to ride a horse, something you were quite frightened of. Sitting high up on ahorse wasn't what you wanted and our dad knew that. We had a lovely property, all bush and large areas of grass, our house was double storied with balconies surrounding it, the ladies sat on the top deck chatting and laughing. We had money even though this didn't worry us.
At 8 you got your first horse, big black stallion huge. I was scared for you because I knew something was wrong with it. It was a bit scittish and you just couldn't cope with the thought. You made yourself sick in the stomach worrying about it. Your headache wouldn't go away but mom just wouldn't take no for an answer. Her son was going to be a man, not a wimp. I wished you would not go on that horse, I wished you had not gotten on it on our 9th birthday. You were a good rider but that horse was moody. You had to show off to moms friends on your birthday, about what you learned over the last yr, they were English and their children had learned to ride much younger. Snobs for sure.
When I held you for that last time I knew we wouldn't be talking again like this. I was told this although both of us had not talked about our gifts. As you were coming off that horses back at breakneck speed you looked at me and I knew we would be parted for the remainder of that lifetime. You hit the ground and broke your neck. Our dad never forgave himself for not telling our mom he didn't want you riding, it wasn't something you would enjoy. So I got on my with life missing you completely and waiting for the day when we would be reunited even though you visited often. It wasn't the same. I missed you so much. My first baby to my husband at the age of 16 yrs was named Jacob after you. This was in the period of the late 1800s.

Hi there you're Riley as you walk towards me. We both live in Scotland me with me ma and da and you with your da. You have 2 brothers, you being the youngest at this age of 18 and me, well I am only 16. I am sitting on the hills overlooking the ocean with green lush hills around me, legs drawn up to my chest, hair flying in all direction as the breeze is very powerful. I am crying today cause me da is sick and the doc thinks me da will die. Ma won't stop crying, its too much for me Riley. I don't want me da to die. I will have to look after me ma if da dies and that will be hard. I will have no life Riley.
You have your arms around me, my head is lyihg on your chest and now your shirt is wet. We smile at each other over this. You are chatting about everything, about looking after me when me da dies and me ma which makes me cry even more. You work hard on your property next to ours but your brothers are in charge.
Oops now we have moved into a week on and me da is dead. Ma is crying all the time, doesn't she know I loved me da as well. What are we to do with our property without da. Over a period of a month I think your da and ma decide we will be married so that you can run the farm which is something we have always wanted. Your brothers are pleased with that.
We are pleased to marry, a calm between us two. We both are working hard. You love looking at the skies and we do every night in our chairs on our little tumbled down porch. Our baby girl is lovely, she is blonde and curls everywhere, her eyes are yours though a dark blue/grey/green. She is my precious little soul and she sits on your knee with our love of the skies and the Universe. We only have her. Our life is fullfilling though it is hard, money is little but we exist with ma. Now she is in a chair all the time, not much longer & she will be with da. He can't wait. We haven't wanted much more than what we have. In fact we had a simple life but very pleasurable. We couldn't have any more children, they just never came but we had a very passionate lovelife. Ma was deaf thank God. (LOL) (ROFL) I have asked for a time for this lifetime very early 1800s if not earlier. Not very specific on this one I am sorry.

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