Dejavu as a Past Life indicator


By Jason P. Smith

I have had a few instances of dejavu in my life, with people anyway. All of the people with which I've had much spookiness I have later proved that I knew them before. Lets take a look at the role call of past life acquaintances as it stands……

1. San. My good friend since we met at work.

Sitting in a pub after a nice snooker session, no doubt San was drowning his sorrows! :) Well we were sat at this table, very few people in the pub, we were kinda overlooking the people that were in. God the strangest and one of the strongest dejavu feelings ever. I even said "Jesus!! Got this weirdest feeling!"….. and I'm not a religious man y'know! Past life regression for my main man, he wasn't too convinced but is always game for a laugh so after he'd descended in to subconscious he found some pretty interesting lives, we just flashed through about three lives, not amazing detail but still intriguing. The last life was a brief snapshot of a British military presence in a jungle in Asia, Singapore maybe, San was a soldier and he was describing the troops and there was a Corporal or soldier of some rank, the Corporal turned out to be me, which kinda shocked me, then in front of my eyes Sans face changed, like a different person! all very strange stuff. Pretty conclusive past life connection I would think.

2. Michelle, my Canadian sweetheart, well for three weeks anyway! :)

Well during our three weeks, we both experienced many bouts of dejavu. We were in the back of the car, it was dark, a few instances there on various occasions, although all were at night if I remember. A really strong recollection from Michelle one night, as we were in the bedroom, no lights except the moonlight, all very romantic n'all. I was sat on the bed stargazing as Michelle was lying on the bed gazing at me :), she got really freaked and said "Stop that"….. every time she saw my face at that angle in that light she got real freaked. Many many instances of dejavu during our three weeks together, although we did spend almost the entire time together, but still a definite connection going on here. We did the past life thing, on many occasions actually. On one specific night, Michelle ended up in Mexico as Maria Sequiras with a chap by the name of Jose Vanderos…… guess who? yep, yours truly. We were married with three kids and lived a happy if a little hard life. Another coincidence in the names of your past life incarnations, many times they seem very similar, Jason - Jose, Michelle - Maria ( Michelle's middle name was Marie too), there is a reason for these similarities I think but that's for another day.

3. 'Mystery Man' from our parent company at work, don't wanna release his name as I don't wanna complicate our current lives.

Only seem this chap like twice ever but there's some connection here and the dejavu was mutual. I don't actually work with this man as he's at another branch but he came over many years ago, can't recall exactly but it was alotta years ago. We met and he said "Don't I know you?" or something, I felt the same thing but answered I don't think so and didn't give it another thought. Recently it happened again and thought I'd consult my friendly clairvoyant. It seems as if we had a life together, I was a women, his wife. The first life I have come across where I was female although I've been told I have had many lives as male and female. So that's a real interesting one for sure. Never fails to amaze me this past life stuff.

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