Dreamwork Techniques


By Jason P. Smith

Dream Interpretation

1. Make a note of the dream or just the symbols of the dream (i.e. objects, people, the main points that stand out).

2. One by one go through each symbol, from the beginning. Maybe to start with put the symbol on a chair opposite and ask the symbol a question, go and sit on the chair with the symbol and actually become the symbol, maybe ask the symbol:

Become the symbol, concentrate on being that symbol totally. The first thing that comes in to your head is the answer your mind is giving you.

3. Do this for each symbol.

4. Maybe there are several definite separate parts to the dream, so after you have interpreted the symbols from one part then see how they fit together, see if they are telling a story, what pattern is becoming clear?

Symbols will not necessarily mean the same things to different people, each person will have their own life experiences and feelings which will shape their symbols.

A reoccurring dream is a problem that needs to be solved.

We will only remember dreams that are important, any dream that is difficult to recall cannot be too important.

All the important symbols from a dream will be able to be remembered if your mind requires you to, the story itself is not important, it is the symbols that are the clues to the meaning of the dream.

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