by Jason P. Smith

        How can the future be in the past? it couldn't could it? It seems more than improbable, it seems impossible. Although there are certain people through the ages who have proved this can be done, the seers such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce have correctly predicted the future on countless occasions. Have there been others who have told us the future, it seems so, as long ago as 12,000 years ago even, which I will touch on later. How would you leave a message for a future civilization that would live some 12,000 years after yourselves? it would be a waste of time to write a book, paper doesn't have a particularly long lifetime compared to other materials and the same goes for most other ways of preserving information, the only material that would be any good, that would survive the ravages of tens of thousands of years would be stone……. cold hard rock, so you could either carve the stone with writings or make monuments or structures to illustrate your message.

In Arthur C. Clarke's 2001, us humans discovered several monuments dotted around our solar system, time capsules that could only be opened when our knowledge had reached a certain stage, when our technology had allowed us to venture in to space. These monuments like a intergalactic award were there for us to claim as a prize for achieving such a advancement. This was science fiction, of course, although Clarke was known as a visionary and I believe at one point he was a consultant for NASA. He wasn't a fool and I believe he knew this to be true!
Before we venture in to space though, we might take a look at several monuments under our noses on our planet Earth. We have several pyramids and a Sphinx in Egypt, a lovely collection of Aztec pyramids in south America and also the recently discovered, by us westerners anyway, pyramids of China. There are several other monuments dotted around the world such as Stonehenge in England, the massive stone carved heads of Easter Island etc. although the larger monuments would be the ideal places to look for messages from the past.
I will use the Egyptian pyramids here for the purpose of my argument as I am a lot more familiar with them than I am with the south American 'Aztec' versions. The pyramids are bare in the respect that they have no writings on or in them, they have found no books in any form inside the pyramids or the Sphinx……..yet, although I do believe this will happen once they tell us what is in the chamber under the Sphinx. So, no writings in or on the structures. What now? how else might a ancient race want to convey a message to a future civilization? well actually a set of writings or a library would not be the best way to leave their calling card……. after all the writing would have to be deciphered which in itself would be very difficult if not impossible. What other ways could they use to decode a message?
Above I said ancient civilization. I could just as easily have said alien civilization and notice I didn't say primitive civilization. The fact that some previous civilization would be contacting us through the form of monuments would mean that they were certainly not primitive and in all probability where probably as advanced if not more advanced than ourselves at our current stage of evolution. We know this for certain just by looking at the monuments themselves…… the pyramids, an engineering feat that we could not duplicate today, the facts behind why the design of the pyramids is so advanced is not really important for this discussion, the point is it is so, the builders of the pyramids were more technologically advanced than us. Weather they were of alien or just ancient origin they are attempting to talk to us through time.
Ok, so what other ways would they use to code our message? mathematics and astronomy would be your answer, probably the same way we would try to communicate with a alien race. As for the message, the astronomy aspect of the pyramids can be found in the very layout of them and in the construction, the layout being a representation of a constellation in the sky while the construction including what many have called 'air shafts' which certainly weren't made for that reason, the shafts actually point to certain areas in the sky. Without going in to too much detail the pyramids represent a constellation of stars, but not how they are today, but how they looked in 10,500BC……….. why would this be? well it would seem to indicate they were dating their monuments, significantly older than most Egyptologists had previously thought, but the 10,500BC date would seem to be correct if you look at more facts including the water erosion on the Sphinx, erosion that could only be formed by large amounts of water, something that certainly wasn't present when the Egyptologists claim the pyramids were built. Ok, so we've got a date for the building of the monuments but what else is there?
So in order to find out this one piece of information about the pyramids we needed the science of astronomy, without it we could have never encoded the pyramids time of building. So it certainly seems likely that this was the ancients plan, to only give our civilization the information when we had evolved sufficiently. If we take this further then there must be many more things to discover in the massive pyramidal structures and the Sphinx maybe.
Decoding the pyramids further, the astronomy tells us there is indeed something of interest under the paw of the Sphinx, the astronomy points to this, the details are not important, just know that it does. What will be found in the chamber which absolutely exists is not clear although it has been opened by people who would rather keep this find to themselves. The word in the sand it that it is a Hall of Records, a library of a ancient civilization, I would say Atlantis, and I will surly go back and prove it at some stage. I certainly believe there is more to learn from this site and others around the world, we just need the technological keys to unlock these secrets. Like for example we could only have discovered a door at the end of a small shaft, a shaft that no human could ever fit in to, if we had the technology to send something else up that shaft, we used a little robot buggy with a small camera, so we gained this technology and we unlocked yet another door. This is the way it goes, we pass a certain stage of development and in return receive a prize, a award for out ingenuity. I have a theory the next great key will come in the form of sound, yes sound, I don't know in what way this will be used but I certainly think at least the south American pyramids will be activated in this way. It is not a coincidence I think that the great pyramid has finely tuned acoustics, we have the electronic key, we have the astrological key, we have still yet to find the sound or frequency key and have still along way to go to find the lost vibrational key, the final key that will truly activate the great monuments, this would seem to be the ultimate platform we could truly ascend to. We will not be allowed to jump before we can walk and for very good reason.
Does the Egypt site stand alone, positively definitely not! Many many more sites around the globe, some more prominent than others, some hidden under the sea. Most countries would find some thing out of place, no matter how insignificant it may seem, pyramidal structures, massive stones aligned with a purpose, stone carved monuments, even a library carved on stones. Throw away much of your history books and read the stones!
Although lets not stop on Earth for there is much evidence of more fantastic awards further a field, already we have discovered some very interesting structures on the Moon and Mars and even possibly on one of Jupiter's moons. We can only dream as to what amazing knowledge awaits us.



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