Jason's Past Live notepad


Thanx to Past Life Therapist Jill Mayer

I saw a guy about 25 yrs old but not you now - your name was James and you had the most slender fingers I had ever seen on a guy. You had an English accent but a very posh one - not like the one you have - you oozed rings and had an earring in your ear - sleeper I think. Your hair was very very dark - almost black and it sat on your shoulders thrown behind your ears. You were bent over a piano or something that you had to play Jay. I could see you bent down with your fingers flying over the keys - feeling every note you made. You didn't smile much even with all the music you put out but once you smiled so much - it was when the saxophone joined in - it seemed to trigger something in you just like the flute did. You obviously came from a very musical background because I see a flute and a saxophone as well. You died of consumption - so it must have been in the late 1800s and early 1900s, could have been earlier - there was the very very rich and the very very poor - you never went without.

When there is a connection to a country like Egypt 9 times out of 10 there has been a royal connection because most lives lived in this place have been significant. When you visit you will be led to where you are buried - female, young, dark long hair, around middle 20s. Child bride so to say. You have beautiful stones engraved into your casket and your body has been mumified. Pretty thing you were. Can't see much more - schooled for royalty - some distant family member. You would be great with languages Jason - have you tried this?

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