Jason P. Smith Profile



Who is this man? Jason Paul Smith.

What name does he go by? Jase, The Jay, Judo-Jay, San, Jay and amazingly even Jason sometimes!


When was he born? Was he born? 6th November 1971.
Star sign? Scorpio

Where was he born? Bradford, England.

How tall is he? 5'7 ˝"
How much does this dude weigh? A lean mean, slim and trim 10 ˝ Stone (that's 147lbs for the yanks).


What sorta school grades did he attain? A couple of C's and a couple of D's and that's with no revision!

Any other awards or qualifications worth mentioning? BTEC N.V.Q. Accounting Level II, yes accounts IS as boring as everyone thinks!

Mensa IQ? 155, that puts him in the top 1% of the population.


Jungian Personality type? ENFJ, Extrovert (40%) - iNtuition (60%) - Feeling (65%) - Judging (20%).

What does the astrology say?
Sun in Scorpio - Strong-willed, Secretive, Possessive, Vengeful, Investigator, Passionate.
Moon in Cancer - Reflective, Passive, Clinging, Material, Sensitive, Vulnerable.
Mercury in Sagittarius - Argumentative, Self-taught, Candid, Cultural, Sermonizer.
Venus in Sagittarius - Impulsive, Literary, Attracts affection, High spirited, Better friend than lover.
Mars in Aquarius - Historical, Abrupt, Rebellious, Argumentative, Eccentric, Communal, Experimental.
Jupiter in Sagittarius - Pleasure-seeker, Truth-seeker, Spiritual, Dogmatic, Cultural, Publisher.
Saturn in Gemini, for 2.5 years - A generation noted for: Cynicism, Organization, Observant nature.
Uranus in Libra, for 7 years - A generation noted for: Harmony, Musical and literary talents.
Neptune in Sagittarius, for 13 years - A generation noted for: Philosophical ideas, Utopian desires.
Pluto in Libra, for 12 years - A generation noted for: Social instincts, Sense of Justice.
Sagittarius Ascendant - Quick witted, Humorous, Theatrical, Oratorical, Active, Needs freedom.


Is he single or attached? Attached, although not physically but I'm sure that will come in time!

Who's his babe then? Jillian Mayer, just goes to prove there's much more to New Zealand than sheep and Shortland Street!

Who would be his right hand men? (John)San the Snooker Champ, not...... and Andy the 'human sports encyclopedia'.

What about pets? Yeh, whatta 'bout 'em?…one tortoiseshell bundle of fluff (a cat to everyone else) called Itchy. 2 sweet.


So what does he do with himself? Well that's a bit of a personal question?!……… err hobbies eh?……. loves hypnotizing people, researching alien abduction cases, WPBM gaming, playing snooker and spending some quality time with his Jillian.

Is he a hypnotist then? A competent hypnotist/hypnotherapist but doesn't have a qualification, yet.
When then? 1998 everything crossed.
Does he make people run around like chickens or what? Never, very serious Past Life Regression work and a little healing when it is required.

How long as he been interested in the UFO phenomena? For ever!
Is he a member of any UFO groups? Previously a member of the IUFORN, now a founding member of a new group… SUFOR (Society of UFO Researchers).
What are his paranormal specialized subjects? Alien abductions and alien connections to ancient civilizations. Various spin off interests such as spirituality and channeling.

How long has he been in to this WPBM lark? Since 1993 when he debuted in the Global Wrestling Association.
What do they call his legendary stable of WBPM wrestlers? The Oriental Alliance.
Who made the cut for this super-stable? Flex Bruiser, Jason Desire, Brute Hammer, Akira Kobashi, The Annihilators, Norio Tigon and the Psycho Babe from Hell.

What does he watch on the box? WCW Nitro, The X-Files, Melrose Place, Sightings, The Simpsons and the odd U.S. football game.

What team does he support? No soccer teams as he hates the game. U.S. football teams of preference would be Dallas, New England and Jacksonville.

What sports can keep his interest for more than 2 minutes? WCW, ECW and Japanese wrestling, Athletics and a good card of Boxing.

He listens to her everyday. Alanis Morissette.

What are his other musical tastes? Mariah Carey, Peter Cetera, Roxette, Belinda Carlistle, Cyndi Lauper, Enya, Vanessa Paradis, Enigma, A-ha, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Jean-Michel Jarre………. not necessarily in any order.

What sports would he partake in? Snooker, that's about as athletic as it gets I'm afraid!

So is he a outta shape slob then? Not really, keeps in good shape with a nice combination of circuit training, weight training and Chi Gong.

What sorta movies would he watch? Martial arts movies, any Bruce Lee, even the old dubbed stuff. Comedies, the 'Naked Gun'/'Airplane' type. Any movie where Sherilyn Fenn gets her kit off! Depressing movies are defiantly out.


What food does he like to eat? Chicken, lamb, fish & chips or noodles.

What's his drink of preference? Red wine, Castaway and tea, although not all together.

If he could have any famous gal, who would it be? Sherilyn Fenn without question, and if she was unavailable then Gillian Anderson would be the babe of preference.

His most famous catch phrases? "The dream is reality" and "Whatever I desire I acquire!".

WHAT ABOUT WORK? (notice this is the last and least important category!)

What does he do for work? He's currently a Accounts Clerk and self proclaimed Computer Manager, at a Bradford based polythene-packaging company.

How long has he worked/slaved there? 9 years! Straight from school, much too long in anybody's book!

What would he like to do instead? Hypnotherapy, combined with some Past Life therapy and Healing maybe……. oh, and earning plenty of money while I'm at it!

Famous work phrases? "I was intentionally circulating dissinformation!" and "Doh!"….for obvious reasons.


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