by Jason P. Smith

The much ballyhooed ‘Mars landing’ was in my opinion more a public relations exercise than a ‘great step for mankind’, it would however, have been a literally ‘momentous’ occasion had they landed in the area of Mars known as Cydonia. Cydonia, for those who don’t know, is a area of Mars that contains something so amazing, something so Earth or maybe Mars shattering, such things as pyramids (similar to their counterparts from Egypt it seems), a striking mile high face carved in stone as well as several other anomalies that are worth serious research.
So rather than the ‘alien’ museum at Cydonia they took the decision to visit a quite interesting place, but only from a geologists standpoint I’d wager, a barren wasteland littered with some frankly very unexciting rocks.
So lets put the probe in reverse for a moment, back to planet Earth, before it even steamed in to orbit, NASA, those stand up guys who are or course funded by the nice if sometimes gullible people of the United States decided in their infinite wisdom to not bother visiting the site of Cydonia, why you and anyone else would ask? because it is not worthy of investigation they say??!! Well call me uncorrupted if you will but I think even the ‘possibility’ of none human structures on other planets is more than worth our attention and investigation. Bet everyone’s wondering if the guys at NASA are chasing their marbles around mission control at this moment?

        (Although…) "……..they have been crying, they have been sobbing, they have been hugging……." (in reference to the mission going so ‘swimmingly’)
I think not, these people not just know about these discoveries, discoveries that belong to the people of the world, discoveries I believe they have studied in great detail. The pictures are out, the video/computer enhancements have been done, the measurements have been made, conclusion, the structures are artificial and definitely not natural in any way.
As I watched the live CNN broadcast, which was as you’d expect very polished and informative as much as it could have been considering the subject in question. I actually thought we had made ‘contact’ though with the way NASA were pushing the mission.

        "Unbelievably perfect, absolutely amazing!"
Lets be honest here, they had sent a probe, and a little cute license to make merchandise in the ‘rover’, they hadn’t even sent a human to the planet! They were looking at rocks and taking soil samples, taking some photos like a intergalactic tourist.

        "The atmosphere around here is really incredible, people are SO happy, you can see the cheers (??), you can hear people occasionally whooping……." (A NASA eye view of the public response to the landing. Over the top I’d say, even for Americans).
Hallelujah! we have landed a probe on Mars….. very good, but long overdue, just what the hell have NASA been doing and spending their money on since landing on the moon? I mean these are the first pictures from the surface of Mars for 21 years, good grief.

        ".....a unbelievably great job!" (if a little overdue)
We don’t wanna see no red rocky sand pit, we wanna see structures, a indication of a alien civilization or possibly a previous incarnation of the human race, proof that life did and may still exist, not just in the universe but in out solar system, yes that close. The truth is out there, somewhere in a government vault, yes that close!
Dan Goldin (NASA administrator) "…… and I also would like to take this moment to thank the American tax payers who have had the confidence in NASA, as we’ve gone through all these changes and they’ve stuck with us because it is their program, it is not our program, and we at NASA celebrate you for believing in us."
Excellent public relations speech but if it was the publics program then why didn’t they listen to the public and go to Cydonia?
Does anyone really know what fantastic discoveries NASA have made on Mars and other planets. The truth will eventually be told though, and those lovely tax payers will not be pleased to find out what NASA has been keeping from them regarding 'their' program.



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