Past Life Regression


Jason Smith, Bradford. England.

I wanted to go back to some previous lives, so I went under and arrived in Europe in a town called Resath, outside Germany? (not sure of the spelling), another name that came was Dray___ something?! I lived in a grey stone cottage, quite a desolate location. I was called Walt and was in my twenties. The year was 1720. I worked on the railway doing general maintenance work, kinda nice leisurely job walking down the valleys hammering tracks and stuff, seemed like flexi time as I could take a break whenever and take a drink when I liked. I had a mother and father and a sister called Sal. Had a girl in the town called Gell, we had a baby boy ten years after called....err don't know, I forget and Mar didn't write it down ! :) Nice life culminating in a very 'unnice' death in a railway storeroom holding a bottle !! I moved out of the storeroom and keep rising until the building was only a spec in the distance, I came back down to join my funeral in progress, aren't funerals boring? some music and bright coulours wouldn't have gone a miss there!... I was lowered in to the ground and that was it, as they say.

I walked down a corridor towards a arch doorway, the corridor was dark and I thought this was the 'death process'..... to my surprise I came throught the arch doorway to find a courtyard beneath me, you could walk around the courtyard from above, having to go back in to the corridor and down some steps to reach it. I was a guy called Earl, I was stationed in a castle called 'Doon' or 'Dune', somewhere in Scotland or very northern England, the place seemed to hold a clan or family called the 'Doc' or 'Doch'. My job was to keep an eye out for any other clans who wanted in to our base, it would have been incredibly difficult tho 'cause the castle was on a massive hill, very steep, by the time anyone wouldn't got in any sorta range 'ol Earl and friends would've put a few holes in them with their bows ! The year was 12__ something. The King at the time was John. For pleasure I did a little shooting practice with the bow and hunted a little deer, taking care not to go into the forests and woods which were inhabited by vicious savages and the like.

We quickly got bored of killing deer and walking around the castle :) and decided to go forward....... the year was 2017 !! I was called Ralph (defiantly gotta change that name!), I was 16 in that year. We lived in a complex, which was accessed through two large tunnels standing side by side, dug in to or between a large hill, the complex being surrounded by hills to every side, I think the complex was roofed with something. Outside was very pleasant place with a ocean that just went on, a horizon that didn't stop. There was a massive waterfall in a half circle shape. The place was called 'Timu' or 'Temu'. My mother was called Silvi and father was called Ron or something. We eat nice veggies and carried old coins just for fun as they were not really used, one had a picture of the shrub on it, the writing could not be distinguished. The people went about their business in groups, their business was learning, but not about history which they didn't put any importance on, only the big changes were taught and how they affected everything etc., info regarding the changes and disasters was stored on disks and books. Flying over the sea over the complex but never landing were black triangle shape crafts, never did anyone any harm and were somewhat commonplace.

This future life brings up many interesting questions: (Many which I only realized when my brain clicked in to gear at about 10:30am at work the next day :))

1) If I was reincarnated in 2017 as Ralph (god I hate that name! :)) and I was 16 then I would've been born in about 2001 which actually gives me a maximum of 4 years as Jason Smith, Uhmm.
2) The date wasn't clear tho and could well have been 2070 which would be better for me and Michelle. :)
3) Even if this was my future as of this point that doesn't mean I couldn’t take a different path and thus have a different future, everyone has several different futures open to them after all depending on certain crucial decisions.
4) If it does happen then at least I will reincarnate again in to the world, wouldn't be too many coming back as the population would have diminished considerably so it would be kinda a honor.
5) Again if I was there I would experience the end of the fifth cycle which the Myan mentioned in 2012........ but how come I'd be there in 1017??? spooky.
6) Maybe it wasn't Earth after all?
7) Maybe we are living parallel lives and I would live this life concurrently with the Timu life !

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