Abductee Indicator Questions

Answering yes to these questions doesn't necessarily mean you have been abducted by ETs.  The more questions you answer yes to, the more probability that you could be an abductee.  If you would like to discuss these questions and your answers to them, then don't hesitate to e-mail me at: jasonsmith@callnetuk.com

  1. Have seen balls or flashes of light around your room or in other locations.
  2. Have had a UFO sighting or multiple sightings in your life.
  3. Have seen beams of light outside your home or coming in through your windows.
  4. Have experienced being paralysed in bed.
  5. Have witnessed a partner who has been paralysed and was unable to be woken.
  6. Have woken in a different place than where you went to sleep.
  7. Have incidents of missing time, i.e. a drive which should have taken one hour and instead lasted four hours.
  8. Have heard unusual humming sounds but were unable to determine the source.
  9. Have seen a small hooded figure near your home or in your room.
  10. Have a memory of an operating table and being examined but can not remember this incident.
  11. Have had dreams of medical procedures and doctors.
  12. Have dreamt of passing through a window, wall or another solid object.
  13. Have had dreams of UFOs or alien beings.
  14. Have a reoccurring memory of cats or snakes eyes.
  15. Have had a strong reaction to the cover of the book Communion or other such ET pictures.
  16. Have inexplicably strong phobias of snakes, lizards, large insects, bright lights, heights or 'floating upwards'.
  17. Have a feeling of being watched, often at nights.
  18. Have unusual scars or marks on your body that appeared without your knowledge, i.e. a small slit, a scoop or a lump.
  19. Have suddenly developed or have had a history of nose bleeds with no known medical reason.
  20. Have had sinus problems in your life.
  21. If a women: Have had a false pregnancy or have had a missing foetus
  22. If a man: Have woken with soreness in the genitals.
  23. Have developed a passionate interest in ecology and environmental issues.
  24. Have always felt you were on a mission but were not sure what the mission was.
  25. Have developed an obsessive interest in UFO's or aliens.

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