Compiled by Jason P. Smith

My Law - Tieme Ranapiri

The sun may be clouded, yet ever the sun
Will sweep on it's course till the Cycle is run
And when into chaos the system is hurled
Again shall the Builder reshape a new world.

Your path may be clouded, uncertain your goal
Move on - for your orbit is fixed to your soul
And though it may lead into darkness of night
The torch of the Builder shall give it new light.

You were. You will be. Know this while you are
Your spirit has travelled both long and afar
It came from the Source, to the source it returns
The spark which was lighted eternally burns.

It slept in a jewel. It leapt in a wave
It roamed in the forest. It rose from the grave
It took on strange garbs for long eons of years
And now in the soul of yourself it appears.

From body to body your spirit speeds on
It seeks a new form when the old one has gone
And the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought
On the loom of the Mind from the fibre you Thought
As dew is drawn upwards, in rain to descend
Your thoughts drift away and in Destiny blend
You cannot escape them, for petty of great
Or evil or noble, they fashion your Fate.

Somewhere on some planet, sometime and somehow
Your Life will reflect your thoughts of your Now
My Law is unerring, no blood can atone
the structure you built you will live in - alone
 From cycle to cycle, through time and through space
Your lives with your longings will ever keep pace
And all that you ask for, and all you desire
Must come at your bidding, as flame out of fire.

Once list to that Voice and all tumult is done
Your life is the Life of the Infinite One
In the hurrying race you are conscious of pause
With love for the purpose, and love for the Cause.

You are your own Devil, you are your own God
You fashioned the paths your footsteps have trod
And no one can save you from Error of Sin
Until you have hark'd to the spirit within.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."
- Einstein

"We all had a reasons to be there
We all had a thing or two to learn
We all needed something to cling to
So we did

We all had delusions in our heads
We all had our minds made up for us
We had to believe in something
So we did"
- Alanis Morissette

"Life is not pre-destined
Neither is it chance, luck or fate.
You have a choice every moment of your life.
If you do not make your choices in your life then you must not blame life for not giving you what you want in your life"

    The order of the Universe is the consistency of the law of attraction.
It isn't about someone old and wise and omnipresent making all decisions for all beings.
    It is instead a law that is so consistent that everything that vibrates in harmony with everything comes together.
The order of the universe is enormous, consistent, never-ending expansion, with law of attraction at the core - and those who understand it and get in sync with it thrive.

    The universe does not know or care if your vibrational offering - your point of attraction - is a result of something you are observing or something that you are visualising; in either case it accepts it as your point of attraction and responds accordingly.

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